1. Car Security
    Norton's Car Stereo has been providing its customers with the best in automotive safety for over 15 years. Whether you want a GPS tracking or remote start we will accommodate your needs.
  2. Window Tinting
    A wide selection of privacy films for your car or truck is available. Professional installation promises no bubbling or peeling. All work is warranted.
  3. Car Stereos
    Our team provides all the premier product lines when it comes to upgrading your automotive needs. Whether it be a new touchscreen radio or a kicking new subwoofer, we make sure you get what you need!
Not Just Car Stereos....
Norton's Car Stereo specializes in mobile audio, video, security, and accessories, maintaining a delicate balance between quality of the product, professional service, and competitive pricing. We strive to provide the best possible environment for a one-stop shopping experience in which you, our customer, is the top priority.

Our mission statement is to be the #1 source for car audio, video, security, and accessories. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

All of our technicians have, to some degree, have been certified through MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program). There are other training sessions put on by manufacturers such as DEI (Orion, Viper, etc.) to promote knowledge of their products, and applications in which to use them. All technicians must also pass various check-in and check-out parameters on every install.

Any equipment purchased from Norton Car Stereo will maintain full factory warranty for the amount of time allotted by the manufacturer, meaning that the different brand names come with various warranties specific to that brand. Other factors, such as having your equipment dealer installed, may affect the warranty period. Under authorization from the manufacturer, Norton Stereo may be allowed to exchange your unit for a new one or send it back to the factory for repair or exchange. In any of these cases, the only cost not covered by the manufacturer is shipping, which is to be paid by the customer. Aside from this cost, the only other requirement is a copy of the original bill of sale: keep your receipts!

Any installation performed by Norton Car Stereo that has a warranty maintains a minimum of a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase, including all customer equipment installed by Norton Stereo. In the rare event of warranty being ineligible, a warning is given before installation. On equipment purchased from Norton Stereo maintaining a factory warranty of more than 30 days, the warranty on installation will match that warranty period. As for warranty repair, a copy of the original bill of sale must be presented before Norton Car Stereo can do any work under warranty. A scheduled appointment may be necessary. Also, if Norton Stereo's original install has been tampered with in any way, that warranty is declared void, and any repair on the ensuing problems will be charged to the customer.

Norton Car Stereo is a retail-only store, meaning that purchases must be made in person and equipment taken at that time, or scheduled for an installation date. We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card. We do not accept American Express and checks.

Norton Car Stereo does not accept any other form of transaction to keep our operation flowing smoothly.